What are Cryptocurrencies?

You probably heard of Bitcoin and Ethereum, these are two main representatives. But there are also more than 500 other alternative coins and tokens, that share some or more features and functionalities.

Alternative coins Tokens


Our team already delivered and actively support several crypto projects, based on cutting-edge blockchain technology and smart contracts. Services, that we provide, vary from

Implementing proposed Business Models

ERC20 standard Ethereum Tokens developing

Tools and applications for supporting a Crypto Currency developing

Migrations between blockchains

Developing Community and Communication Channels

Developing Issuing and Distributing Mechanisms

Providing custom Currency Features, like Staking, Voting, Complex Transactions

Providing Inclusion of Currency in common online services and online Exchanges

Offering User Support

Developing Discovery Services like Blockchain explorers

Mining and Mining Pools operation support

Distributed Autonomous Organization (DAO) creation and support

Distributed Applications (dapp) developing and support

Trading user interfaces for Crypto Currencies


If you need a trustworthy development team for developing your own Crypto Currency or if you need a full support and management of a Crypto Currency ecosystem, please contact us through our form.

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